Human-centered Computing: Challenges and Perspectives

Speaker:  Prof. Nicu Sebe - Faculty of Cognitive Sciences, University of Trento
  Tuesday, February 24, 2009 at 5:15 PM Ore17.15 caffe' e pasticcini - inizio seminario ore 17.30

Human Centered Computing (HCC) is an emerging field that aims at
bridging the existing gaps between the various disciplines
involved with the design and implementation of computing systems that
support people's activities. HCC aims at tightly integrating
human sciences (e.g. social and cognitive) and computer science (e.g.
human-computer interaction (HCI), signal processing,
machine learning, and computer vision) for the design of computing
systems with a human focus from beginning to end.
This focus should consider the personal, social, and cultural contexts
in which such systems are deployed.
In this presentation, I discuss the existing challenges in HCC and
describe what I consider to be the three main areas of interest: media
production, analysis (especially retrieval issues), and interaction. I
will present my current research and how this is reflected into the HCC
paradigm. In addition, I will identify the core characteristics of HCC,
describe example applications, and propose a research agenda for HCC.

Programme Director
Vittorio Murino

Publication date
January 23, 2009