All forthcoming seminars - Mathematical Modelling in the Applied Sciences (seminar course) - (2020/2021)

Date Seminar Seminar series
4/30/20 On shape optimization in the class of constant width bodies
Timetable: h 14:30 | Speaker: Ilaria Lucardesi (Nancy - Lorraine)
Mathematics mini courses 2019-20
- Seminari del Dipartimento di Informatica
9/1/20 Math technologies transfer fro innovation - Trasferimento delle Tecnologie Matematiche per l'innovazione [2 ECTS, MTA/05]
Timetable: online course | Speaker: various (IAC - CNR - Rome)
Mathematics mini courses 2019-20
- Mathematics mini courses 2020-21
10/28/20 Modeling epidemics: an introduction to the use of compartmental models for the simulation of epidemics in time and space [MAT/05, 3 ECTS]
Timetable: h 16:15  12 hours - online - live streaming | Speaker: Alexander Viguerie (Emory University and GSSI)
Mathematics mini courses 2020-21
11/16/20 Scales and scalings in nematic liquid crystals and beyond (1 ECTS, MAT/05)
Timetable: | Speaker: Prof. Arghir D. Zarnescu (Basque Centre for Applied Mathematics (Bilbao))
Mathematics mini courses 2020-21
5/25/21 Brain imaging with diffusion MRI: from local reconstruction to brain network analysis. [2ECTS, MAT/08]
Timetable: h 13:00  see course schedule | Speaker: Matteo Frigo (INRIA - Sophia Antipolis)
Mathematics mini courses 2020-21
11/2/21 Modeling epidemics: an introduction to the use of compartmental models for the simulation of epidemics in time and space. [MAT/08, 3 ECTS]
Timetable: h 10:30  aula G | Speaker: Alexander Viguerie (GSSI - Division of Mathematics)
Mathematics mini courses 2021-22
5/2/22 The calculus of variations and asymptotic behaviour of models from materials science. [MAT/05, 3 ECTS]
Timetable: | Speaker: Jamie Taylor (BCAM Basque Center for Applied Mathematics - Bilbao)
Mathematics mini courses 2021-22
5/16/22 Optimal transport: discretization and algorithms [MAT/05, 3 ects]
Timetable: | Speaker: Boris Thibert (UGA Grenoble (France))
Mathematics mini courses 2021-22
10/24/22 Modeling epidemics - 2022 Edition
Timetable: timetable 24-28/10/2022 | Speaker: Alexander Viguerie (Centers for Disease Control and Previsions - Atlanta (USA))
Mathematics mini courses 2021-22
11/7/22 Optimal transport based algorithms for Machine Learning
Timetable: 07-11/11/2022 - Schedule TBA | Speaker: Marcello Carioni (University of Twente (NL))
Mathematics mini courses 2021-22
11/8/22 Game theory
Timetable: 08-18/11/2022 | Speaker: Sylvain Sorin (Sorbonne Université, Paris)
Mathematics mini courses 2021-22
Tot 11 Seminars