All forthcoming seminars - Advanced course in foundations of mathematics - (2020/2021)

Date Seminar Seminar series
8/24/20 Modal logics and intuitionistic logic [2 ETCS Mat/01]
Timetable: Registered lectures (video & audio) | Speaker: Stefania Centrone (TU Berlin)
Mathematics mini courses 2019-20
8/24/20 The dynamical method in commutative algebra [2 ETCS Mat/01]
Timetable: | Speaker: Ihsen Yengui (University of Sfax (Tunisia))
Mathematics mini courses 2019-20
9/30/21 Minicourse "Constructive Set Theories" [2 ETCS Mat/01]
Timetable: | Speaker: Laura Crosilla (Università di Oslo)
Mathematics mini courses 2020-21
Tot 3 Seminars