All forthcoming seminars - Mathematical Modelling in the Applied Sciences (seminar course) - (2019/2020)

Date Seminar Seminar series
11/21/19 Anomalous diffusion and applications to molecular biology [2ECTS, MAT/06]
Timetable: h 13:30  starting date | Speaker: Michal Balcerek (Wroclaw Polytechnic University (Poland))
Mathematics mini courses 2019-20
12/15/19 Mathematical modelling of liquid crystals and industrial applications [2ECTS, MAT/05] UPDATED
Timetable: 15/12-21/12/2019 | Speaker: Prof. Apala Majumdar (Strathclyde (UK))
Mathematics mini courses 2019-20
1/7/20 Essentials of reaction-diffusion equations in Mathematical Biology [2ECTS, MAT/07] UPDATED
Timetable: starting date 07/01 | Speaker: Prof. Tommaso Lorenzi (St Andrews (UK))
Mathematics mini courses 2019-20
1/22/20 Computational vascular fluid dynamics: problems and models of application [2 ECTS: MAT/07]
Timetable: h 11:30  Aula M | Speaker: M. Dr. Massimiliano Tuveri (Azienda Ospedaliera Universitaria Integrata - Verona)
Mathematics mini courses 2019-20
3/3/20 NEW UPDATE Basic and advanced tools in game theory - first part (Basic tools) [2 ECTS, MAT/05]
Timetable: h 09:30  meeting room ground floor CV2 | Speaker: Stefano Benati (Università di trento)
Mathematics mini courses 2019-20
3/31/20 [ANNULLATO] Basic and advanced tools in game theory [3 ECTS, MAT/05] - second part (advanced tools)
Timetable: 31/3 - 10/4/2020 | Speaker: Sylvain Sorin (Sorbonne Université Paris)
Mathematics mini courses 2019-20
9/1/20 Math technologies transfer fro innovation - Trasferimento delle Tecnologie Matematiche per l'innovazione [2 ECTS, MTA/05]
Timetable: online course | Speaker: various (IAC - CNR - Rome)
Mathematics mini courses 2019-20
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