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Date Seminar Seminar series
11/4/20 Complex Systems in Biology and Medicine
Timetable: h 21:00 | Speaker: Valeria Caliaro and Giada Fiandaca (INRIA and Politecnico di Torino)
WebinMATH seminari online
11/9/20 Online Seminars on Numerical Approximation and Applications OSNA2
Timetable: h 17:00  starting date | Speaker: Relatori vari
WebinMATH seminari online
11/16/20 Scales and scalings in nematic liquid crystals and beyond
Timetable: The time schedule may still vary. It will be ocnfirmed later on. | Speaker: Prof. Arghir D. Zarnescu (Basque Centre for Applied Mathematics (Bilbao))
Mathematics mini courses 2020-21
Tot 3 Seminars