Traceability, certification and anti-counterfeiting of Made in Italy fashion products

Starting date
April 1, 2018
Duration (months)
Computer Science
Managers or local contacts
Romeo Alessandro

With this project, the RIR aims to raise the technological content of the certification and traceability system, redefining a structure already developed in a previous project of the Veneto Region: it is not a matter of introducing mere technology, but of improving the operating methods which must take into account the company structure and the type of product, especially regarding the certification process and the practical application of the traceability system, through the use of the talking label, as well as aiming at the innovative communication of contents to the in order to initiate, nurture and consolidate a dialogue with its customers (current and potential).

The new labels, applied to fashion products through a support chosen from QRCode, RFID, etc., are not just a concentrate of suggestions for promotional purposes and data on the supply chain, but a real digital passport, which also gives access to statistics on the volumes of production, transformation and distribution of products.

The project will be implemented through the creation of applied research laboratories with the collaboration of universities, where the profound interaction between the academic world and businesses will allow the study and development of issues such as useful practices for traceability for:

›The authentication, therefore the recognition and authenticity of Made in Italy;

›The development of new marketing models (innovation of business models, communication design, service and retail design, etc.);

›The strengthening of supply chain relationships, in particular those relating to the reduction of misalignments between companies in the supply chain in terms of sustainability.

Project participants

Alessandro Romeo
Associate Professor
Research areas involved in the project
Fisica sperimentale applicata
Micro- and nano-scale materials


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