PREDYCOS: Personalized REsponsive Dynamic COmplex System

Starting date
July 10, 2017
Duration (months)
Computer Science
Managers or local contacts
Giugno Rosalba

The number of people accessing to Internet is grown exponentially and this leads to an increasing of the number of services that are offered through the virtual reality. The amount of information that service providers need to deal with, in terms of storage capacity and computational analysis efforts, is a bottleneck for companies to be competitive on the market.
The diversity of technological devices is increased too. Personal computers have been evolved and new devices have been introduced: Digital apparatus having heterogeneous computational capacity and different display resolutions result in different usage behaviors. The complexity of a virtual world is now carried on with many-to-many network relations between devices and humans. A single user may own multiple devices and the same device may be shared in multiple environments.
Our goal is to provide innovation for service providers in order to help them in analyzing the segmentation of their market and the impact of their contents quickly and efficiently by affording the Price of Anarchy (PoA), which is a measure of how the efficiency of a system degrades due to selfish behavior of its agents within a decentralized version of the system itself.
We will build a responsive infrastructure for modelling the current evolving digital user behaviour, what we will call hyper targeting behaviour, focusing on strong theoretical Big data model called graph databases, network analysis and recommendation systems, paying attention to the intrigued network of relations among users and their devices.
We hypothesize that the value of the proposed innovation will have a substantial impact in the market and research. This hypothesis is strongly supported by the deep knowledge of the team members on (i) the current systems used by international companies (the partner is a leader on the market), and on (ii) applying and designing models from Social Complex System since they share common dynamics with Biological Systems.


Funds: assigned and managed by the department

Project participants

Rosalba Giugno
Associate Professor
Research areas involved in the project
Bioinformatica e informatica medica
Life and medical sciences


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