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Ca' Vignal 2,  Floor 1,  Room 71
+39 045 802 7045
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Monday, Hours 3:00 PM - 6:00 PM,  

Il ricevimento avviene solo previo appuntamento via email
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Research groups

Algorithmic Bioinformatics and Natural Computing
Application of theoretical methods and data analysis to model information underlying biological processes: graph and string algorithms for systems biology; advanced data structures for sequence data; distance measures for biological sequences; natural (biotechnological, membrane) computing; pattern recognition, machine learning for biomedical data.
Bioinformatics and Natural Computing
Algorithmic analysis of biological processes.
INdAM - Research Unit at the University of Verona
We collect here the scientific activities of the Research Unit of Istituto Nazionale di Alta Matematica INdAM at the University of Verona
Research interests
Topic Description Research area
Bioinformatics and Natural Computing Our research is mainly focused on the following topics: 1) Discrete and algorithmic analyses of biological dynamics (metabolism and replication, and their interplay in cellular processes); 2) Informational and computational analysis of genomes (genomic dictionaries, genomic indexes, genomic distributions of specific parameters, genome representations, genome synthesis and reconstruction from dictionaries). In these research areas, theories and algorithms are investigated and software packages are developed for computational experiments and analyses. Bioinformatics and medical informatics
Life and medical sciences
Title Starting date
Genomics and matagenomics in agro-industrial research 4/16/19
GNCS Young Researcher Funding 2018/2019: "Heterogeneous systems for inter- and intra-chromosomal connectivity measures." 10/12/18
INFO-BACT-MAR: Development of a computational platform for the traceability of microorganisms in agro-food processes using patented HPME markers. 9/1/18
Genomics and matagenomics in agro-industrial research 8/29/18
Computaitonal analysis of genomic diseases 10/1/17
High performing computational models for biomedical information extraction and integration 1/1/17
InfoGenAgriFood: a bioinformatics integrated platform for the genomics of agricolture food production. 9/1/16

Vincenzo Bonnici
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