Ilaria Boscolo Galazzo

Foto,  March 24, 2016
Temporary Assistant Professor
Academic sector
+39 045 8127804
ilaria|boscologalazzo*univr|it <== Replace | with . and * with @ to have the right email address.


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Research groups

Neuroimaging Group
Vision, Images, Patterns and Signals (VIPS)
VIPS activities are devoted to the analysis, recognition, modeling and prediction of multivariate multidimensional signals and patterns by artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques. Specific expertise and application domains include image processing, computer vision, pattern recognition, machine learning, human-machine interaction, computer graphics, mixed reality and gaming, analysis and modeling of biomedical and neuroscience data for both basic and translational research.
Title Starting date
EDIPO: A computational solution for bringing neuroimaging genetic into translational research 4/1/20
Brain connectivity underlying physiological and pathological patterns in action tremor 8/1/19
Mapping functional connectivity patterns in neurological and neurosurgical dis-eases with Arterial Spin Labeling and Blood Oxygenation Level Dependent MRI (VBRF) 8/1/16


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