Mauro Gambini

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April 30, 2020


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Research groups

Databases and Information Systems
People of this group are involved in research areas regarding informations systems theory and applications
Research interests
Topic Description Research area
GeoProcessing Workflow This research topic deals with the extension of workflow system towards geographical applications in distributed environment. Information Systems
Information systems applications
Process-Aware Information Systems Process-Aware Information Systems is a research field dealing with the management of business processes by taking into account different aspects. Desing and reengineering of business processes, representation and management of temporal aspects of business processes and conceptual representation of processes and their related data are the some of the possibile topics. Information Systems
Information systems applications
Title Starting date
Estrazione tramite analisi statica delle relazioni principali tra codice sorgente e base di dati in software applicativi gestionali (il caso JUST: software QUADRA) 11/30/11
Modellazione, gestione e analisi intelligente di processi clinici temporali (PRIN 2009) 7/15/11


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