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    Complete List of Publications:


    •    I. Yengui.   Constructive Commutative Algebra – Projective modules over polynomial rings and dynamical Gröbner bases. Lecture Notes in Mathematics,  2138, Springer 2015.

    •    I. Yengui.   Computational Algebra. Course and exercises with solutions. Hackensack, NJ:World Scientific (ISBN 978-981-12-3824-6). ix, 272 p. (2021).

    •  Book Chapter : I. Yengui.  Constructive Algebra (The Quillen-Suslin Theorem). In : Handbook of Constructive Mathematics edited by Douglas Bridges; Hajime Ishihara; Michael Rathjen; Helmut Schwichtenberg.Cambridge University Press            (2022), to appear.

Peer-reviewed articles:

 1) I. Yengui. One counterexample for two open questions about the Rings R(X) and R< X>.Journal of Algebra 222 (1999), 424-427.
 2) I. Yengui. Two counterexample about the Nagata and Serre conjecture rings. J. Pure and Appl. Algebra153 (2000) 191-195.
 3) S. Ameziane, O. Echi, I. Yengui. Direct systems of localizations of polynomial rings,Acta Sci. Math (Szeged) 66 (2000), 465-476.
 4) N. Jarboui, I. Yengui. Absolutely S-domains and pseudo-polynomial rings.Colloquium Math. 94 (1) (2002), 1-19.
 5) S. Ameziane, Z. Elkhayarri, I. Yengui. About the spectrum of the rings R(n) and R<n>.Comm. Algebra 31 (3) (2003), 1047-1058.
 6) S. Barhoumi, I.Yengui. On a localization of the Laurent polynomial ring.JP Jour. Algebra, Number Theory and Appl. 5 (3) 2005, 591-602.
 7) I. Yengui. On questions related to saturated chains of primes in polynomial rings.J. Pure Appl. Algebra 178 (2003) 215-224.
 8) I. Yengui. An algorithm for the divisors of monic polynomials over a commutative ring.Math. Nachr. 260 (2003),1-7.
 9) H. Lombardi, I. Yengui. Suslin's algorithms for reduction of unimodular rows.J. Symb. Comp. 39 (2005) 707-717.
10) I.Yengui. A dynamical solution to Kronecker's problem. Dagstuhl Seminar Proceedings 05021 Mathematics, Algorithms, Proofs (January 2005), T. Coquand, H. Lombardi, M. Roy (Eds.). Available on line at :http://drops.dagstuhl.de/opus/volltexte/2006/288
 11) I.Yengui. Dynamical Gröbner bases.Journal of Algebra 301 (2006), 447-458.
 12) A. Mnif, I. Yengui. An algorithm for unimodular completion over Noetherian rings,Journal of Algebra 316 (2007) 483-498.
 13) I. Yengui. Making the use of maximal ideals constructive.Theoretical Computer Science 392 (2008), 174-178.
 14) M. Amidou, I. Yengui. An algorithm for unimodular completion over Laurent polynomial rings.Linear Algebra and its Applications 429 (2008) 1687-1698.
 15) S. Barhoumi, H. Lombardi, I. Yengui. Projective modules over polynomial rings: a constructive approach.Math. Nachr. 282 (2009) 792-799.
 16) H. Lombardi, C. Quitté, I. Yengui. Hidden constructions in abstract algebra (6) The theorem of Maroscia, Brewer and Costa.J. Pure Appl. Algebra 212 (2008) 1575-1582.
 17) I. Yengui. The Hermite ring conjecture in dimension one.Journal of Algebra 320 (2008), 437-441.
 18) A. Ellouz, H. Lombardi, I. Yengui. A constructive comparison of the rings R(X) and R< X> and application to the Lequain-Simis induction theorem,Journal of Algebra 320 (2008) 521-533.
 19) A. Hadj Kacem, I. Yengui. Dynamical Gröbner bases over Dedekind rings .Journal of Algebra 324 (2010) 12-24.
 20) I. Yengui. Stably free modules over R[X] of rank > dim R are free.Mathematics of Computation 80 (2011) 1093-1098.
 21) H. Lombardi, P. Schuster, I. Yengui. The Gröbner ring conjecture in one variable.Mathematische Zeitschrift 270 (2012) 1181-1185.
 22) S. Monceur, I. Yengui. On the leading terms ideals of polynomial ideals over a valuation ring.Journal of Algebra (2012) 382-389.
 23) E. Pola, I. Yengui. A negative answer to a question about leading terms ideals of polynomial ideals.J. Pure Applied Algebra 216 (2012), 2432-2435.
 24) H. Lombardi, C. Quitté, I. Yengui. Un algorithme pour le calcul des syzygies sur V[X] dans le cas où V est un domaine de valuation.Communications in Algebra  42  (2014), 3768-3781. 
 25) E. Pola, I. Yengui. Gröbner rings.Acta Sci. Math. (Szeged) 80 (2014) 363–-372.
 26) I. Yengui. A solution to the Gröbner ring conjecture in the lexicographical monomial order case.Mathematische Zeitschrift  276 (2014) 261–265.
 27) L. Ducos, A. Valibouze, I. Yengui. Computing syzygies overV[X1,…,Xk ],V  a valuation domain. Journal of Algebra 425 (2015) 133-145 .
  28) L. Ducos, S. Monceur, I. Yengui. Computing theV -saturation of finitely-generated submodules ofV[X]m  whereV  is a valuation domain .J. Symb. Comput . 72 (2016) 196-205.
  29) S. Monceur, I. Yengui I. Suslin’s lemma for rings containing an infinite field.Colloq. Math .146 (2017) 111-122.
 30) M. Gamanda, I. Yengui. Noether Normalization theorem and dynamical Gröbner bases over Bezout domains of Krull dimension 1.Journal of Algebra 492 (2017) 52-56.
 31)  M. Gamanda, H. Lombardi, S. Neuwirth, I. Yengui. The syzygy theorem for Bézout rings. Mathematics of Computation 89 (2020) 941-964.
 32) G. Kemper, I. Yengui. Valuative dimension and monomial orders. Journal of Algebra 557 (2020), 278-288.
 33) F. Ben Amor, I. Yengui.The trailing terms ideal .Journal of Algebra and its Applications ,Vol. 20, No. 9 (2021) 2150153 (6 pages).
 34) F. Ben Amor, I. Yengui. Saturation of finitely generated submodules of free modules over Prüfer domains .Armen. J. Math ., V. 13, N. 1(2021), pp. 1-21.
 35) P. Schuster, D. Wessel, I. Yengui. Dynamic evaluation of integrity and the computational content of Krull’s lemma.J. Pure Appl. Algebra 226, No. 1, 7 p. (2022).
 36) I. Yengui. A counterexample to the Gröbner ring conjecture. Journal of Algebra 586, 526-536 (2021).
 37) I. Yengui. The trailing terms ideal over a valuation domain.Communications in Algebra 50, No. 6, 2290-2295 (2022).
 38) F. Ben Amor, I. Yengui. An algorithm for doubly unitary Laurent polynomials.Khayyam J. Math , No. 2, 228-233 8 (2022).
 39) I. Yengui. n-stability of a support on a ring and application to projective modules. Ricerche di Matematica(2022), https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s11587-022-00724-2.


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