Matteo Zavatteri

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Master's degree in Computer Engineering for Robotics and Smart Industry Systems design laboratory (2021/2022)   6   


Research groups

The group investigates structural aspects of fundamental problems in Computer Science and their mathematical models. This leads to the design of better algorithms protocols and systems as well as understanding of their implicit computational limits. Specific areas of interests include: algorithm design, data structures, string algorithms, computational complexity, combinatorial optimization, coding and information theory, machine learning. Most results obtained are in the intersection of algorithmics with several other areas in theory and applications, including bioinformatics, communication networks, operating research and artificial intelligence.
ForMe - Formal Method for the Design of Engineering Systems
The aim of the research group is to apply formal methods to modelling, verification and synthesis of engineering systems. The domains range from timed systems to nonlinear cyberphysical systems.
REGIS: Research Group in Information Security
Studio e sviluppo di metodologie formali per l'analisi, l'ottimizzazione, la certificazione, la robustezza e la sicurezza di sistemi software complessi

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Matteo Zavatteri
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