Stefano Cailotto

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Research groups

Electronic Systems Design (ESD)
Techniques for the automatic design of electronic systems, based on formal languages and correct by construction or formally verified methodologies
Research interests
Topic Description Research area
Networking systems Design techniques for networking systems, particularly devoted to: - Protocol Design and Architectures - Performance Evaluation - Network Measurement and characterization - Overlay Networks Cyber-physical systems
Network architectures
Networked embedded systems Design techniques for networked embedded systems, particularly devoted to: - networked embedded systems co-design - networked embedded systems co-simulation - QoS-based design - M2M and sensor network design Cyber-physical systems
Embedded and cyber-physical systems
Title Starting date
Architetture per sistemi embedded di controllo e comunicazione 1/1/10
Sviluppo di un software di simulazione di piattaforme multiprocessore ad elevate prestazioni per elaborazione di dati multimediali in rete (PRIN 2007) 9/22/08
A multimedia platform for ZigBee based home automation (Z-Home) 11/1/07
Ambiente di modellazione e verifica per terminali mobili 12/1/05
Gestione sistema di rete 6/1/03

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