Databases and WEB - Laboratorio (2008/2009)

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Alberto Belussi
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3° Q dal Apr 20, 2009 al Jun 19, 2009.

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3° Q
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Tuesday 2:30 PM - 5:30 PM practice session Laboratory Delta  

Learning outcomes

The module “Lab” ("Laboratorio" in italian) of the course “Databases and WEB” has the aim to provide the student with the necessary concepts and methods for the implementation of a database and its applications. In particular, this module will be focused on the usage of a specific DBMS for the creation, management and manipulation of a database by means of SQL commands.

Moreover, some general techniques for the implementation of web applications will be presented.
In particular a MVC-2 architecture based on the Servlet and the Java Server Pages (JSP) technologies will be illustrated and used to show the implementation of some practical examples.



Assessment methods and criteria

The final examination of the course "Database and Web" is organized in three tests. The first covers the module "Teoria: basi di dati" and consists of some exercises on the conceptual and logical design of a database, SQL and relational algebra queries and questions about the theory. The second test covers the module "Laboratorio" and consists of some exercises on the design of a web application based on the MVC-2 approach using the JSP, Java data beans and Servlet technologies. The third one covers the module "Teoria: siti web centrati sui dati" and consists of some exercises on the logical design of a data-intensive web application .
The final grade is obtained by the weighted average of the grades collected on the three modules of the course: the module "Teoria: basi di dati" (weight 3/5), the module "Teoria: siti web centrati sui dati" (weight 1/5) and the module "Laboratorio" (weight 1/5).

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