Introduction to Computing (2008/2009)

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Teaching is organised as follows:
Unit Credits Academic sector Period Academic staff
Laboratorio 2 INF/01-INFORMATICS periodo zero Andrea Fusiello
Teoria 2 INF/01-INFORMATICS periodo zero Federico Fontana

Learning outcomes

Module: Teoria
This course provides the foundations of computer science along with the terminology and basic notations. The course is strictly linked with the laboratory, that introduces to the basic use of a computer.

Module: Laboratorio


Module: Teoria
Computers, algorithms, and languages:
- the concept of algorithm;
- von Neumann machine;
- programming languages.

Structured programming:
- variables and assignments;
- control structures;
- examples of algorithms.

Number representations in the electronic machines:
- concepts;
- positional notation of integer numbers;
- base conversions.

Binary representations:
- unsigned numbers;
- signed-magnitude representation;
- one's complement;
- two's complement;
- rational numbers, fixed-point representation;
- arithmetic operations.

Introduction to codes:
- Unicode.

Module: Laboratorio

Assessment methods and criteria

Module: Teoria
Written test with exercises and questions.

Module: Laboratorio

Reference books
Author Title Publisher Year ISBN Note
Giovanni Pighizzini, Mauro Ferrari Dai fondamenti agli oggetti. Corso di programmazione JAVA (Edizione 3) Pearson Addison-Wesley 2008 978 88 7192 448 9