Databases (2007/2008)

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Barbara Oliboni
Teaching is organised as follows:
Unit Credits Academic sector Period Academic staff
Laboratorio 2 INF/01-INFORMATICS 3° Q Barbara Oliboni
Teoria 6 INF/01-INFORMATICS 2° Q Barbara Oliboni

Learning outcomes

Module: Teoria
This unit introduces issues related to the design of a databases by considering both logical data models and conceptual data models.
Moreover, the unit introduces the SQL query language.

Module: Laboratorio
This unit introduces issues related to the use of a Database Management System (DBMS) for creating, managing, and querying a database.


Module: Teoria
* Introduction to the database management systems

* Logical design of a database
-- The relational data model

* Relational algebra


* Conceptual design of a database
-- The Entity-Relationship data model
-- From conceptual schemata to relational schemata

* DBMS Architectures

Module: Laboratorio
* Introduction to the PostgreSQL DBMS
-- Database connection
-- Simple checking commands
-- Tables creation

* PostgreSQL
-- Integrity constraints
-- Reaction policies for referential integrity constraints
-- Simple SQL queries
-- Complex SQL queries

* The HTML language
-- The structure of HTML documents
-- Main tags
-- Tables
-- Form

* Biological Databases

* Introduction to implementation of web applications

Assessment methods and criteria

Module: Teoria

Module: Laboratorio

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