Programming Languages (2005/2006)

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Maria Paola Bonacina
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Second four month term dal Jan 8, 2006 al Mar 9, 2006.
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This class teaches the fundamental concepts behind the design and implementation of programming languages. It emphasizes the central role played by types and semantic - both operational and denotational semantics - in the concept and design of a programming language. The student learns how to derive systematically interpreters and abstract machines from a formally correct definition of the language. Prerequisites include all courses of the I and II years. The course is a prerequisite for the class on compilers ("Compilatori").



Interpreters and abstract machines;
Formal description of a programming language: syntax and semantics;
Introduction to the ML (OCAML) programming language;
The environment: names and types;
Memory management;
Control: structures and abstractions;
Data: structures and abstractions;
Review of the object-oriented paradigm (optional);
Hints at the functional and logic paradigms (optional).

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