HONOM2024 - High-Order NOnlinear numerical Methods for evolutionary PDEs: theory and applications

HONOM2024 - High-Order NOnlinear numerical Methods for evolutionary PDEs: theory and applications
  from 9/8/24 to 9/13/24

We are pleased to announce the 10th International Conference on high-order nonlinear numerical methods for evolutionary PDEs. The aim of this conference is to present new research on advanced mathematical models and advanced numerical algorithms for the robust and effective solution of evolutionary PDEs of interest in a wide range of physical relevant situations as computational fluid and solid mechanics, oceanography, plasma physics, material science, mathematical biology and computational astrophysics.


Design of novel algorithms; analysis and applications of non-linear schemes of accuracy greater than two, which follows the finite difference, finite volume, finite element or residual distribution approaches; structure preserving numerical methods and PDE models; methods for unsteady problems, multiphase flows, plasma physics, general relativity, multi-physics applications, biomedical research; mesh generation, motion and adaptation; ... and related topics ...


8-13  September 2024 - At the KAM Conference Center hosted in the historical Megalo Arsenali, in front of the sea in the picturesque town of Chania, western part of Crete island in Greece


Abstracts for talk and poster presentations:

Abstract submission is open! Follow the instructions given below!
Deadline abstract submission: 18 of April 2024
Acceptance notification: June 2024


Registration is now open!
Deadline for registration: 25 of July 2024

Special issue:

There will be a HONOM special issue on Computer and Fluids.
Article submission will open in September 2024 for 4 months.


Everything started in Trento (Italy) in 2005: the event was promoted by R. Abgrall, M. Dumbser, C.-D. Munz and E.F. Toro and it was reproposed there in 2007, 2009, 2011 and 2015. Then, HONOM has been organized in Bordeaux (France) in 2013, Stuttgart (Germany) in 2017, Madrid (Spain) in 2019 and Braha (Portugal) in 2022.


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