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Mathematics mini courses 2017-18

Giandomenico Orlandi

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Seminars which have already taken place
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6/12/18 2:30 PM first lecture: Lab ALFA Mini-course: Mathematical Models for tumor growth MODIFIED SCHEDULE L. Almeida - Paris-Sorbonne Université and CNRS
6/1/18 9:30 AM lab. gamma Generalized image osmosis filtering with applications  Simone Parisotto - University of Cambridge
5/30/18 10:30 AM 10:30-12:00 Ca’ Vignal 2 - Sala Riunioni Secondo Piano InfoGestWeb. Il futuro della mobilità di persone e merci: idee e progetti per uno sviluppo sicuro e sostenibile. Sinergie tra università e impresa Claudio Carrano, General Manager, and Matteo Guardini, IT Manager - InfoGestWeb
5/30/18 3:30 PM room Tessari Reachability analysis for nonlinear hybrid systems Luca Geretti - University of Verona
5/28/18 10:30 AM Minicourse: Modern Regularization Methods for Inverse Problems Martin Benning - University of Cambridge
5/28/18 2:00 PM 14:00-15:30, room C, Ca Vignal 1 meeting with the company SPAZIODATI. You will have the chance to chat, exchange ideas and discover job opportunities as a mathematician and/or data scientist. Stella Margonar e Alessio Guerrieri - SpazioData
5/28/18 Numerical Methods for Energy Markets A. F. Ware - University of Calgary, Canada
5/24/18 8:30 AM first lecture room M UPDATED TIMETABLE Digital Geometry Processing: Algorithms for Representing, Analyzing and Comparing 3D shapes Maks Ovsjanikov - Ecole Polytechnique, Paris
5/24/18 1:45 PM room M FEM-based simulations in the medical field and applications to breast deformation Eleonora Tagliabue - University of Verona
5/22/18 2:30 PM room M Parallel Coordinates: Visual Multidimensional Geometry and its Applications Alfred Inserlberg - University of Tel Aviv
5/21/18 Numerical and Monte Carlo Methods for SDEs with Applications to Fianance Matthew Davison - University of Western Ontario, Canada
5/17/18 10:30 AM Microswimmers robots and their control dott.ssa Marta Zoppello - Universita` di Padova
5/14/18 2:30 PM to be fixed with the interested students An Introduction to Optimal Portfolio Models from Markowitz to Robust Estimation. Prof. Stefano Benati - Università di Trento
5/8/18 12:30 PM 5 lessons , 15 hours total Minicourse CANCELLED: Statistical dynamics and kinetics of interacting particle systems Yuri Kondratiev - Bielefeld University, Dept. of Mathematics
5/7/18 Minicourse: Signals, optima and sparse structures: the Python way. !!!MODIFIED TIMETABLE!!! Matteo Frigo - Université Côte d’Azur, Inria, France
5/3/18 10:30 AM Using Multi-Class Classification Methods to Predict Baseball Pitch Types prof. Hien Tran - North Carolina State University, USA
4/23/18 8:30 AM Minicourse: Regularization Methods for Machine Learning Sergei Pereverzyev - RICAM, JK University
4/23/18 11:30 AM first lecture. Room G Regularization Methods for Machine Learning Prof. Sergei Perevrzyev - RICAM Linz, Austria
4/23/18 2:30 PM Starting date, 4 lessons Minicourse: Numerical methods in Optimal Transport Quentin Mérigot - Univ. Paris-Sud
4/17/18 9:30 AM 5 lectures Minicourse: Colourings, flows, and decompositions of graphs Prof. Edita Macajova - (Comenius University, Bratislava, Slovacchia)
4/11/18 3:30 PM 3 lessons , 3 hours each Minicourse: An introduction to stochastic control and portfolio optimization Luciano Campi - London School of Economics
4/5/18 11:30 AM Mobile Phone Positioning - The Indoor Case. (Research & Modelling Seminar) F. Cassini/F. Rubes
4/5/18 2:30 PM Ecological Modelling (Research & Modelling Seminar) M. Pra'/A. Pistillo
4/4/18 3:30 PM 3 lessons , 3 hours each Minicourse: Continuous-state branching processes Zenghu Li - Beijing Normal University, Beijing
3/21/18 3:30 PM 4 lectures, hours each Minicourse: Neural Networks for Time Series Analysis Oleksandr Honchar - College of Mathematics - University of Verona
3/9/18 3:30 PM 3 seminars , 2 hours each Seminars cycle in Data Science and Machine Learning:towards the Math-based professional profiles of the future M. Stecca , J. radaelli , R. Zenti - HORSA SPA , Reply IT , Zenti Advise Only
3/7/18 1:30 PM aula Tessari, first lecture Regularity Theory for Elliptic Partial Differential Equations Annalisa Massaccesi - Verona
2/12/18 11:00 AM starting date. Dept. Math Univ. Trento Mathemmatical models of evolutionary and spatial dynamics of cancer - second part Tommaso Lorenzi - St Andrews (Scotland UK)
2/9/18 9:30 AM aula H Front Tracking for Hyperbolic Conservation Laws Alessandro Zeggiotti - Master degree in Mathematics
2/9/18 9:30 AM aula H Introduction to Fast Marching Methods Cristiano Dorigo - Master degree in Mathematics
1/22/18 2:30 PM starting date Introduction to SageMath Péter Burcsi - Eötvös Loránd University Budapest
12/21/17 2:30 PM Kinetic and Hyperbolic Equations with Applications to Engineering Processes Axel-Stefan Häck - RTWH Aachen
12/11/17 11:30 AM aula M - starting lesson Mathematical Models of Evolutionary and Spatial Dynamics of Cancer Tommaso Lorenzi - St. Andrews University (Scotland)
11/20/17 2:30 PM Minicorso che parte col 20 novembre An hands-on tutorial on LP and LPI modeling (Minicorso introduttivo alla modellazione in PL e PLI) Romeo Rizzi and Alice Raffaele
11/10/17 11:30 AM aula B 11.30-13.30 first lecture A mathematical approach to chemotaxis: the Keller-Segel model Juan Calvo Yagüe - Granada
10/23/17 2:30 PM Laboratory Gamma The electrophysiology of excitable tissues: modelling and numerical simulations Dr. Luca Gerardo-Giorda - BCAM-Basque Center for Applied Mathematics, Bilbao, Spain
10/10/17 12:30 PM Opinion dynamics on social network part 4 Giacomo Albi
10/9/17 3:30 PM Opinion dynamics on social network part 3 Giacomo Albi
10/6/17 9:30 AM Opinion dynamics on social network part 2 Giacomo Albi - Università di Verona
10/3/17 12:30 PM Opinion dynamics on social network part 1 Giacomo Albi
10/2/17 2:30 PM Aula G, starting date Categorical Logic Thomas Streicher - Technische Universität Darmstadt