Computer Science Park

The Computer Science Park (CSP) promotes the technology transfer in all information and communication technology (ICT) fields.
CSP supports the creation of spin-offs, as joint initiatives between the Computer Science (CS) Department and companies and territorial institutions.
The CSP attracts start-ups by providing an effective environment for expanding their business.
The CSP is an effective location for technical offices of medium and large companies that aim at improving the technology level of their products.

In the CSP there are currently the following companies:
- 3Dflow srl -
- AltairMed srl -
- BBZ srl -
- D-Nest Web srl -
- EDALab srl -
- eVS srl -
- Julia srl -

In the section "Documents Available" there are brochures of CSP and Companies. It is also the Press dedicated to the Computer Science Park.
Mariano  Ceccato
+39 045 802 7069
segreteria|di*ateneo|univr|it <== Replace | with . and * with @ to have the right email address.
Strada le Grazie, 15 - 37134 Verona
Web page
Ca' Vignal 2,  Floor -2,  Room S137-S143


Services for CSP companies
• offices with high-level communication infrastructure, autonomous entrance, dedicated signs, completely furnished
• common infrastructures like: meeting rooms, workshops, conference room, server farm, canteen
• common logistics and administrative services
• integration, co-marketing, network initiatives with other CSP companies and the CS Department
• stages for students and consulting from professors and researchers of the CS Department

Opportunities for external companies
• Mixed research contracts: basic research, stages, thesis, proof analysis (CS Department) + applied research, prototypes, training, unlabeled products (CSP companies), that is, a unique partner with two different sensibilities
• Technology transfer facilitation: research results are transformed in prototypal products for their easy inclusion into a products portfolio. This is the correct way to cover the last mile in technology transfer
• Access to funded projects through consortium organization (e.g., partners for RTI, international links), proposals preparation, projects coordination and third-party structure, that is, how to enter in Horizon 2020 – POR – JP

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