Micro- and nano-scale materials

Nicola Daldosso
Associate Professor
Gino Mariotto
Research Assistants
Alessandro Romeo
Associate Professor
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Micro- and nano-scale materials Gino Mariotto
Micro-Raman spectroscopy provides a unique tool to study the vibrational properties of micro- and nano-scaled materials. The so-obtained vibrational spectra allow to identify the composition of the material and convey information on both atomic dynamics and structural arrangement. Typical applications range from the phase identification of micro-crystalline minerals in rocks to the study of the properties of carbon nano-structures such as graphene and quantum dots
Micro- and nano-scale materials - Electrical properties Alessandro Romeo
Development of functional nanostructured films for photovoltaic applications. Thin film deposition, thin film solar cell device fabrication (CdTe and CIGS thin film solar cells), electrical characterization of solar cells, atomic force microscopy for inorganic and organic nanomaterials.
Optical and electronic properties of nano-structured systems Nicola Daldosso
Alessandro Romeo
Study of the optical and electronic properties of nano-structured systems for opto-electronics and bio-medical applications.


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