Veronesi Tutti Math CANCELLED

  Saturday, June 13, 2020
Due to the COVID-19 emergency, the meeting is postponed to 2021.

Meeting of the graduated students in the Master's degree in Mathematics at the University of Verona and of their teachers, in the tenth anniversary of the institution of the study course. With the collaboration of the newly formed Alumni Mathematics Association Verona and the support of some local companies, we will have the opportunity to discuss about the state of the art of the technologies and challenges that are faced daily by alumni in industry, research and education.

Keynote speaker: Alessandro Veneziani
Emory Center for Mathematics and Computing in Medicine Atlanta, GA, USA
Former assistant professor at the University of Verona
Matematica traslazionale: Teoremi, Simulazioni, Clinica.

The students enrolled in the third year of Matematica Applicata or in the second year of Mathematics and the teachers of the Mathematics Teaching Committee can register preferably within February 29 at the following link.


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Programme Director
Marco Caliari

Computer Science


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