Quantum Computing applications in High energy Physics: Polarization Discrimination in Vector Boson Scattering

Speaker:  Michele Grossi - IBM Italy & University of Pavia
  Wednesday, December 16, 2020 at 5:30 PM
Quantum computing is emerging as a new paradigm for the solution of a wide class of problems and can, in principle, efficiently solve problems that require exponential resources on classical hardware, even when using the best known classical algorithms.
In the context of high energy physics, an overview of current HEP application using quantum computing is presented, in particular the application of QML to Vector Boson Scattering.
The main aim of the study presented in this talk is to find an optimal method to identify the contribution of longitudinally polarized W bosons in the Vector Boson Scattering (VBS) process as an important probe of a previously untested sector of the standard model A comparison using innovative hybrid or fully quantum machine learning approaches, like Quantum Support Vector Machine (QSVM), is presented, as a natural further step in this kinematics study that could help the understanding of vector boson scattering analysis.

Zoom link: https://univr.zoom.us/j/87646180055
Contact Person: Alessandra Di Pierro
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December 6, 2020