BBZ s.r.l.
BBZ is a recently established company which develops hardware and software solutions for medicine and surgery. Company know-how ranges from the development and certification of surgical robots to the effective use of virtual environments for medical data presentation and training in surgery. BBZ currently collaborates with Italian and foreing universities, hospitals and companies for the development of training systems for minimally invasive surgery, in particular for robotic assisted surgery.
EDALab s.r.l.
eVS embedded Vision Systems s.r.l.
Expert System S.p.A.
Expert System develops software that understands the meaning of written language. Based upon Cogito, a patented technology that employs millions of definitions, concepts and relationships, our software applications read and understand multiple languages the way people do, with the speed and precision required to discern, manage and utilize large volume of strategic information. Our technology transforms the way people find, comprehend and use information.
HPA s.r.l.
HPA is an innovative startup that stems from the passion and skill of a team of maths, machine learning and deep learning experts with the aim of providing market predictive algorithms that can improve the performance of decision-making systems adopted by companies in every product market. The techniques used, as a result of research and development within HPA, constitute an innovative mix of statistical-inferential approaches, continuous stochastic analysis, and ML-NNs based approaches. The expertise concerns modeling in the energy field (production and consumption forecasting), anomaly detection, technology forecasting, and price forecasting. From January 2019, HPA is an accredited spin-off of the University of Verona.
Humatics s.r.l.
HUMATICS Srl is an innovative start-up and also a spin-off of the University of Verona: all of its founders worked in the Dept. of Computer Science, and the products stems from the research work made by the team inside the VIPS lab (Vision, Image Processing & Sounds). HUMATICS Srl was founded on February 29, 2016 with the aim to sell software in the field of human computer interaction, including interactive software that are usable on the widest range of devices that support and facilitate human activities.
MedBrains S.r.l.
MedBrains is an innovative start-up and spin-off of the University of Verona made up of people who have collaborated for years with the Regional Center for Pharmacovigilance in Veneto, the Italian Medicines Agency and the Istituto Superiore di Sanità, creating software and innovative services for the collection and analysis of pharmacovigilance and phytosurveillance data. We also developed MagiCoder, a tool for automatic coding of adverse drug reactions or therapeutic indications described in free text. Now, with our private company, we are developing next generation pharmacovigilance software, and we're ready to create software for pharmaceutical industry even on request.
3Dflow s.r.l.
3Dflow è una società di consulenza e di produzione software operante nel campo della Computer Vision e Image Processing. Offre soluzioni software personalizzate nei settori di ricostruzioni 3D, modellazione 3D da realtà, 3D Stereo processing e realtà aumentata.
Vero4Chain s.r.l.


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