An OPC-UA architecture for data collection and historization compliant with Industry 4.0

Starting date
February 18, 2020
Duration (months)
Computer Science, Department of Engineering for Innovation Medicine
Managers or local contacts
Fummi Franco

The project aims to increase the automation of the company through a communication infrastructure between MES and machinery for the continuous data collection, a fundamental element of a production plant in view of industry 4.0.
The main objective of the project is to develop a machinery interconnection architecture. The architecture will be:
• Independent from the characteristics of the single machine;
• easily configurable;
• extendable to a number of machines not established in advance;
• easily interfaceable with the MES;
• predisposed to the connection in cloud and to the possible exploitation of innovative computing technologies for servers with advanced performances.


Veronesi Holding s.p.a.
Funds: assigned and managed by the department

Project participants

Roberta Chirico
Franco Fummi
Full Professor
Research areas involved in the project
Sistemi ciberfisici
Embedded and cyber-physical systems


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