Rich-model toolkit: an infrastructure for reliable computer systems

Starting date
October 30, 2009
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Computer Science
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Bonacina Maria Paola
Automated reasoning, verification, synthesis

The Action coordinates the development of infrastructures for automated reasoning about Rich Models of computer systems. Rich Models have the expressive power of all practically formalizable mathematics, enabling natural specification of software, hardware, embedded, and distributed systems. Rich Models support modeling at a wide range of abstraction levels, from knowledge bases and system architecture, to software source code and detailed hardware design.
The Action contributes to the construction of a Rich Model Toolkit, which is a unified infrastructure that precisely defines the meaning of Rich Models, standardizes representation formats, and supports a number of automated reasoning tools. Moreover, the Action develops and deploys new tools for automated reasoning that communicate using these standardized formats. The goal of resulting tools is to have a wide range of applicability and improved efficiency, helping system developers construct reliable systems through automated reasoning, analysis, and synthesis.


Unione Europea
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Syllabus: Azione COST - European COoperation in the field of Scientific and Technical research

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Sistemi intelligenti
Artificial intelligence


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