Extension of the BOX-IO architecture to IIoT

Starting date
June 16, 2020
Duration (months)
Computer Science, Department of Engineering for Innovation Medicine
Managers or local contacts
Fummi Franco

The aim of the research contract is to create a data collection architecture in an industrial environment, capable of interfacing with IIot devices.
The contract activities are:
• Analysis and definition of the data to be monitored and the communication protocols to be adopted according to the system requirements;
• Sensor definition: define the list of IIot devices to be installed according to the chosen communication protocols and specify the cloud-based data collection architecture;
• Configuration of the infrastructure through the realization of the interfaces for the communication between BOX-IO and IIot devices;
• In BOX-IO: eventual realization of rules for the management of IIot actuators and methods for the pre-processing of the data before sending it in a cloud based data collection architecture;
• [If not directly using the BOX-IO cloud environment] Implementation of the interface between BOX-IO and the chosen cloud-based data collection architecture in order to perform more complex and/or remote analysis.


EDALab s.r.l.
Funds: assigned and managed by the department

Project participants

Alessia Bozzini
Franco Fummi
Full Professor
Research areas involved in the project
Sistemi ciberfisici
Embedded and cyber-physical systems


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