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The Quantum Informatics Laboratory - QUILAB

The group brings together researchers from computer science and physics to work on fundamental issues in quantum computation, quantum information and quantum artificial intelligence.

Claudia Daffara
Associate Professor
Andrea Masini
Full Professor
Francesca Monti
Associate Professor
Alessandra Di Pierro
Associate Professor
Massimiliano Incudini
PhD student
Margherita Zorzi
Temporary Assistant Professor
External components
Stefano Mancini
Universita' di Camerino
Topic Research area
Computability Informatica teorica
Models of computation
Lambda Calculus Informatica teorica
Lambda Calculus Informatica teorica
Models of computation
modal and temporal logics Informatica teorica
Models for Quantum Computation Informatica teorica
Models of computation
Optical techniques for cultural heritage applications Fisica sperimentale applicata
Applied physics to cultural heritage
Probabilistic Analysis of Security Ingegneria del Software e Sicurezza
Formal methods and theory of security
proof theory, Linear logic, Type theory Informatica teorica
Quantitative static analysis Ingegneria del Software e Sicurezza
Software organization and properties
Quantum Computation Informatica teorica
Models of computation
Quantum computation theory Informatica teorica
Models of computation
Semantics of Probabilistic Languages Informatica teorica
Semantics and reasoning
Spatial light modulators Fisica sperimentale applicata
Spectroscopy, microspectroscopy and imaging in the near and mid-infrared Fisica sperimentale applicata
Infrared spectroscopy
Teoria della dimostrazione e teoria dei tipi Informatica teorica
Formal languages and automata theory
Topological Quantum Computation Informatica teorica
Models of computation
Name Description
Laboratorio SPY (Metodi Formali)

The SPY (Static Program analysis by Abstract Interpretation) lab is devoted to the design and development of automatic tools
based on formal methods and abstract interpretation theory for program analysis, automatic program certification, system testing,
and security analysis of software. We are particularly interested in the application of these techniques to aid in the compilation and
implementation of programming languages. The access to the lab is restricted to the students in Master and PhD thesis and to the
Faculty staff of the Department of Computer Science in Verona. The following is a list of topics which are studied in this Lab:
Semantics and abstract interpretation theory, Semantics based program analysis, Security analysis, Program and system certification,
Model checking and program verification, Programming environments, Domain specific languages and tools.

Laboratorio OPDATE OpDATe Lab (Optical Devices and Advanced Techniques)


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