A hw/sw architecture for the integration of an industrial screwdriver into a production line

Starting date
February 10, 2021
Duration (months)
Computer Science, Department of Engineering for Innovation Medicine
Managers or local contacts
Fummi Franco

Fiam Utensili Pneumatici S.p.A. is a company that designs and manufactures computer-controlled pneumatic and electric screwdrivers, automation systems for assembly, pneumatic motors as well as pneumatic tools to increase the productivity and reliability of an industrial process.
This project wants to define the activities necessary to build a demonstrator for a screwdriver and to integrate it into the controlled environment of the ICE Laboratory. The project focuses on the use of the ZigBee protocol, the OPC-UA protocol and the Kubernetes methodology.


Fiam Utensili Pneumatici spa
Funds: assigned and managed by the department
Syllabus: Ricerca commissionata

Project participants

Alessia Bozzini
Franco Fummi
Full Professor
Research areas involved in the project
Sistemi ciberfisici
Embedded and cyber-physical systems


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