From the Carolingian scriptorium to Dante’s Library

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November 1, 2016
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Cultures and Civilizations
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Pellegrini Paolo

The manuscripts preserved in the Capitular Library of Verona mark an uninterrupted and unique itinerary of European history of culture, arts and writing which, moving from the Early Middle Ages arrives at the middle of the XIV century. The celebrations devoted to Dante’s anniversaries (2015-2021) give us the opportunity to begin the catalogue of the manuscripts, and to identify books and authors that crossed such a long period and could have been possibly studied by Dante during his staying in Verona (1303-1304 and 1312-1320). This project will focus on the ways through which the manuscript heritage was assembled and how it was studied during the Middle Age. The outcome will be an open-access database that will provide scholars with new and detailed descriptions of manuscripts available on a standard electronic catalogue, and that will allow them to examine the related manuscripts thanks to HD digital images. Scholars could benefit from a new range of surveys concerning the history of the library and the artistic and cultural context which fed it. Our project aims at being a first experimental step of a wider program which, in a third mission perspective, could make the treasure of the Capitular Library an heritage open both to the international scientific community and the municipal one

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Paolo Pellegrini


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