Probability and Statistics (2007/2008)

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Laura Maria Morato
Teaching is organised as follows:
Unit Credits Academic sector Period Academic staff
Teoria 6 MAT/06-PROBABILITY AND STATISTICS 2° Q Laura Maria Morato
Paola Siri
Laboratorio 2 INF/01-INFORMATICS 2° Q Paola Siri

Learning outcomes

The knowledge of the basic concepts in Probability Theory with some elements of Statistics


-Probability spaces
-Conditioning and independence
-Some useful random variables
-Convergence of sequences of random variables
-Large Numbers Theorem and Central Limiti Theorem

-Elements of Descriptive Statistics
-Statistical models and estimates
-Statistical tests
-Linear regressive models

-Use of statistial software

Assessment methods and criteria

The qualification is verified by a written and an oral test. A compulsory test in the laboratory part is also required