ALPINE - Advanced Lasers for Photovoltaic INdustrial processing Enhancement

Starting date
September 1, 2009
Duration (months)
Computer Science
Managers or local contacts
Romeo Alessandro
celle solari, laser, dispositivi flessibili

Studio ed ottimizzazione di laser a fibra per processazione di moduli fotovoltaici a film sottile attraverso strutturazione laser.


Unione Europea
Funds: assigned and managed by the department
Syllabus: EUROPA - Progetti Europei
Research areas involved in the project
Fisica sperimentale applicata
Micro- and nano-scale materials
Title Authors Year
Thin Film Solar Cells Current Status & Future Trends Bosio, A.; Romeo, Alessandro 2012
CdTe thin film solar cells : present status and future perspectives Romeo, Alessandro 2011
ELECTRICAL CHARACTERIZATION OF CdTe SOLAR CELLS MADE BY A LOW TEMPERATURE FABRICATION PROCESS Rimmaudo, Ivan; Salavei, Andrei; Allodi, Valentina; Romeo, Alessandro; P., Zabierowski; T., Drobiazg; A., Bosio; N., Romeo; S., Mazzamuto; D., Menossi 2011
INVESTIGATION OF A SUITABLE BACK CONTACT FOR CdTe/CdS SOLAR CELLS PREPARED IN THE SUBSTRATE CONFIGURATION N., Romeo; A., Bosio; S., Mazzamuto; D., Menossi; J. L., Peña; Salavei, Andrei; Rimmaudo, Ivan; Allodi, Valentina; Romeo, Alessandro 2011
LOW SUBSTRATE TEMPERATURE DEPOSITED CdTe SOLAR CELLS WITH AN ALTERNATIVERECRYSTALLIZATION PROCESS Salavei, Andrei; Rimmaudo, Ivan; Piccinelli, Fabio; Allodi, Valentina; Romeo, Alessandro; A., Bosio; N., Romeo; S., Mazzamuto; D., Menossi 2011
Review: The second-generation of CdTe and CuInGaSe2 thin filmPV modules A., Bosio; Romeo, Alessandro; D., Menossi; S., Mazzamuto; N., Romeo 2011
STUDY OF ELECTRO-OPTICAL PROPERTIES OF CdTe SOLAR CELLS PREPARED BY A LOW TEMPERATURE FABRICATION PROCESS Allodi, Valentina; Rimmaudo, Ivan; Salavei, Andrei; Armani N., Fabbri F.; Romeo, Alessandro 2011
An innovative process suitable to produce high-efficiency CdTe/CdS thin-film modules Romeo, N.; Bosio, A.; Romeo, Alessandro 2010


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