Ciclo di seminari

Mathematics mini courses 2019-20

Marco Caliari
This is the list of seminars that students in Mathematics (but not only) can attend during the academic year 2019-2020. This list is updated during the year.

Next Seminars
Date Time Title Supervisor

Seminars which have already taken place
Date Time Title Supervisor
9/1/20 Math technologies transfer fro innovation - Trasferimento delle Tecnologie Matematiche per l'innovazione [2 ECTS, MTA/05] various - IAC - CNR - Rome
8/24/20 The dynamical method in commutative algebra [2 ETCS Mat/01] Ihsen Yengui - University of Sfax (Tunisia)
8/24/20 Modal logics and intuitionistic logic [2 ETCS Mat/01] Stefania Centrone - TU Berlin
6/9/20 10:30 AM Mathematical Foundations of Reinforcement Learning [1 ECTS - 8hours] Prof. Dante Kalise - University of Nottingham
6/8/20 2:30 PM until 12/6/2020, see "Algebraic Geometry" Projective algebraic geometry and its applications Prof. Jan Stovicek - Charles University Prague
5/26/20 8:30 AM 26-29 May, on-line Program Extraction [1 ECTS Mat/01] Monika Seisenberger - Swansea University
4/30/20 2:30 PM On shape optimization in the class of constant width bodies Ilaria Lucardesi - Nancy - Lorraine
4/20/20 [ANNNULLATO] Euler-Poincaré variational principles and applications to fluid dynamics - [1 ECTS, MAT/07] Prof. Cesare Troncy - University of Surrey - UK -
3/31/20 [ANNULLATO] Basic and advanced tools in game theory [3 ECTS, MAT/05] - second part (advanced tools) Sylvain Sorin - Sorbonne Université Paris
3/9/20 Category theory and point-free topology [4 ETCS, Mat/01] --- CANCELLED Simon Henry - University of Ottawa
3/3/20 9:30 AM meeting room ground floor CV2 NEW UPDATE Basic and advanced tools in game theory - first part (Basic tools) [2 ECTS, MAT/05] Stefano Benati - Università di trento
1/22/20 11:30 AM Aula M Computational vascular fluid dynamics: problems and models of application [2 ECTS: MAT/07] M. Dr. Massimiliano Tuveri - Azienda Ospedaliera Universitaria Integrata - Verona
1/7/20 Essentials of reaction-diffusion equations in Mathematical Biology [2ECTS, MAT/07] UPDATED Prof. Tommaso Lorenzi - St Andrews (UK)
12/15/19 Mathematical modelling of liquid crystals and industrial applications [2ECTS, MAT/05] UPDATED Prof. Apala Majumdar - Strathclyde (UK)
11/21/19 1:30 PM starting date Anomalous diffusion and applications to molecular biology [2ECTS, MAT/06] Michal Balcerek - Wroclaw Polytechnic University (Poland)
11/18/19 3:15 PM Model-driven optimisation and control of large-scale agent-based dynamics [2 ECTS, MAT/08] D. Kalise - Nottingham University