The proof-theoretic relevance of Grothendieck topologies

The proof-theoretic relevance of Grothendieck topologies
Speaker:  Olivia Caramello - UniversitĂ  dell'Insubria
  Thursday, October 5, 2017 at 4:00 PM Rinfresco 16.00 in Sala caffĂ© (primo piano) - inizio seminario 16.15
I will show that the classical proof system of geometric logic over a given geometric theory is equivalent to new proof systems based on the notion of Grothendieck topology. These equivalences result from a proof-theoretic interpretation of the duality between the quotients of a given geometric theory and the subtoposes of its classifying topos. Interestingly, these alternative proof systems turn out to be computationally better-behaved than the classical one for many purposes, as I will illustrate by discussing a few selected applications.

Programme Director
Peter Michael Schuster

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September 5, 2017