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Fotografia,  February 7, 2014
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Ca' Vignal 2,  Floor 1,  Room 56

045 802 7963

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Altair Il gruppo di ricerca Altair si occupa di robotica non convenzionale

Topic Description Research area
AI, Robotics & Automatic Control Robotics is concerned with the development of systems that make the intelligent connection between perception and action. For this reason, robotics is strongly interdisciplinary, including mechanical and electronic design, computation and data fusion algorithms, machine learning and reasoning, and motion control and environment interaction methods. In the last years, robotics systems have matured in terms of safety and reliability and they can now work in delicate environments and in direct contact with people. In case of demanding cognitive tasks, robots are usually supported by a human operator, in a teleoperation mode. A well established example of teleoperation system is a surgical robot, in which a surgeon directly moves the robotic tools to carry out the intervention. A new research direction is the addition of autonomous functions to the robotic systems. To reach this goal, we need to improve the perceptual and cognitive capabilities of the robots, to interact safely with a complex real environment. Some of the research topics addressed at the University of Verona include: control and system theory, modeling and analysis of human perception, coordination of multiple-robot systems, distributed sensing and control algorithms, teleoperation algorithms, and analysis of the physical interaction of humans and robots. Sistemi ciberfisici
Computer systems organization - Embedded and cyber-physical systems

Research products

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publications on 182 total

Title Starting date
MURAB - MRI and Ultrasound Robotic Assisted Biopsy 1/1/16
ECHORD: EduFIll, filling the gap in robotics education 2/1/12
EUROSURGE: European Robotic Surgery 10/1/11
HERONS - Hierarchical Control and Fault Diagnosis of Distributed Systems 8/23/11
HyCARoS ( Hybrid Control for Augmented Robotic Surgery) (PRIN 2009) 7/15/11
UNSELFISH: UNtethered Sensor Enabled Locomotion FISH 4/15/11
ISUR - Intelligent Surgical Robotics 3/1/11
Development of a software simulation application for the Exploratory Research project "In-cell tool for Remote Operation on Spent Nuclear Material" 7/2/10
SAFROS - Patient Safety in Robotic Surgery 4/1/10
COROSUR: Bringing Cognition to Robotic Surgery 2/15/10
Simulatore chirurgico aggiornato con dati intraoperatori (PRIN 2008) 1/27/10
FILOSE - Robotic Fish Locomotion and Sensing 2/1/09
Registrazione e acquisizione multimodale di immagini (PRIN 2007) 9/22/08
C4C - Control for Coordination of Distributed Systems 5/1/08
TELEANY: Teleoperating Anything Anywhere 2/28/08
Disordine di movimento e riabilitazione della paralisi cerebrale infantile 2/15/08
Middleware di Comunicazione - III Anno 11/21/07
Development of the state of the art of Robotics Education on the Internet and the implementation of prototypes of interactive lectures 8/14/07
PLASTIC BRAIN: A Study of Brain Plasticity in Humans and Robots 5/7/07
RoSta: Robotic Standards 1/1/07
Il Mosaico: Progetto per il completamento e innovazione dei servizi a favore delle persone con grave cerebrolesione acquisita 9/8/06
AccuRobAs: Accurate Robotic Assistant 9/1/06
Middleware di Comunicazione 5/15/06
XPERO: Learning by experimentation 4/1/06
Modellazione e resa aptico/visiva di oggetti soffici e deformabili (PRIN 2005) 1/30/06
Metodologie MES per la gestione dei processi Batch 1/27/05
Applicazione di tecnologie robotiche a progeti relativi ad apparecchi ortopedici e riabilitativi 6/25/04
Studio di fattibilità per SUPER (Space Unmanned Planetary Exploration Rover) 2/23/04
Hopping and Treaded Mobility for Planetary Micro-Rovers 10/23/03
Sviluppo di un algoritmo di controllo decentralizato per sistemi con ritardi variabili 10/7/03
ROBOCHIR Chirurgia robotica 4/1/03
Telepresence Instant Groupware for higher Education in Robotics (TIGER) (FIRB 2001) 2/21/03
MATRICS Analisi e modellazione di sistemi complessi 2/1/03
GLAXO Prova di concetto su sistema robotico per la movimentazione e gestione di piccoli oggetti 11/1/02
TESTA Sistema di visione artificiale scalabile per la robotica spaziale 9/2/02
Caratterizzazione dei parametri di un sistema telerobotico per ottimizzare la percezione dell'operatore 7/2/02
MEDICATE The control, identification and delivery of prescribed medication 5/1/01
EURON 5/1/01
ITEC Studio di algoritmi per la compensazione del ritardo di trasmissione in teleoperazione 9/1/00

Teachings in the last two academic years
Department/Faculty Name Total credits Online Teacher credits Modules offered by this teacher
Department Computer Science  Advanced Robotics (2015/2016)   6   
Department Computer Science  Robotics (2015/2016)   6   
Department Computer Science  Signal and image processing (2015/2016)   12    SEGNALI
Department Computer Science  System theory (2015/2016)   12    SISTEMI DINAMICI
Faculty Medicine and Surgery  Introduzione alla chirurgia robotica: basi teoriche ed esercitazioni pratiche (2015/2016)   1   
Department Computer Science  Signal and image processing (2014/2015)   12  eLearning SEGNALI
Department Biotecnologie  Surgical Robotics (2014/2015)   6   
Department Computer Science  System theory (2014/2015)   12    SISTEMI DINAMICI

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