Nicola  Bombieri

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Nico,  October 28, 2015
Assistant Professor

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Ca' Vignal 2,  Floor 1,  Room 1.49

+39 045 802 7094

+39 045 802 7068

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Referent posts held
Referente d'Area per i Servizi Informatici - Biotechnology

Referent posts held
Referente d'Area per i Servizi Informatici - Computer Science

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Office Hours
Place day Timetable
Ca' Vignal 2, floor 1, room 1.49 Thursday 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM

Research groups
Name Description
Electronic Systems Design (ESD) Techniques for the automatic design of electronic systems, based on formal languages and correct by construction or formally verified methodologies

Research products (IRIS)
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Topic Description Research area
Advanced Architecture Parallel code for multi and many-core architectures. CUDA, OpenCL, OpenACC, OpenMP, MPI. Sistemi ciberfisici
Computer systems organization - Architectures
Embedded system design Design techniques for the automatic generation of embedded hardware/software starting from transactional level models (TLM) and with emphasis on: - TLM-RTL synthesis and abstraction - RTL-to-SW abstraction - TLM transactor generation - Device-driver generation - Embedded SW for multicore systems - Hardware description language-based modeling - Middleware-based design Sistemi ciberfisici
Computer systems organization - Embedded and cyber-physical systems

Title Starting date
The Translation Wiki project 11/18/13
TOUCHMORE: Automatic Customizable Tool-chain for Heterogeneous Multicore Platform Software Development 9/1/11
Generazione e ottimizzazione automatica di SW dedicato per architetture NoC riconfigurabili (PRIN 2009) 7/15/11
OPTImizing dependability via MUtation analysis for Microelectronics (OPTIMUM) 1/1/11
AuTOMatic verifICation tool for embedded software (ATOMIC) 5/5/10
Sviluppo di un software di simulazione di piattaforme multiprocessore ad elevate prestazioni per elaborazione di dati multimediali in rete (PRIN 2008) 1/27/10
Centre of Reserach Excellence in Dependable Embedded Systems (CREDES) 10/1/09
Reliability aware methods for robust design technology (RELMUST) 7/6/09
Modellazione e verifica di sistemi embedded ibridi per piattaforme multiprocessore (PRIN 2007) 9/22/08
An EFSM-based Framework for Designing and Verifying Embedded Software (EFFORT) 1/1/08
COCONUT - A correct-by Construction Workbench for Design and Verification of Embedded Systems 1/1/08
VERTIGO: Verification and Validation of Embedded Systems Design Workbench 6/1/06
Ambiente di modellazione e verifica per terminali mobili 12/1/05

Teachings in the last two academic years
Department/Faculty Name Total credits Online Teacher credits Modules offered by this teacher
Department Computer Science  Advanced computer architecture (2016/2017)   6   
Department Computer Science  Programming I (2016/2017)   12  eLearning
Department Computer Science  Advanced computer architecture (2015/2016)   6  eLearning
Department Computer Science  Programming I (2015/2016)   12  eLearning

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