Intelligent Automation, the essential co-worker for digital company (0 ECTS)

Relatore:  Giulio Ravaso, Mauro Pozzoli, Filippo Mela, Emanuele Cittadino, - Ernst & Young
  lunedì 19 novembre 2018 alle ore 9.30 - Room Tessari
In this lecture, it will be shown how Ernst & Young is leading their
clients toward an intelligence automation (IA) revolution. IA is an
emerging set of new technologies that combines fundamental process
redesign together with robotic process automation (RPA) and machine
learning (ML). Traditional rule-based automation solutions are
augmented with decision-making capabilities due to advances in deep
learning and cognitive technology. During the talk, it will be
presented the key available technologies and state-of-the-art
algorithms used to deploy RPA and ML solutions and the real use
cases developed for our clients (Rule Based Automation, Chatbot, Analytics, Deep Learing).

Marco Caliari

Data pubblicazione
4 ottobre 2018

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