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Date Seminar Series of Seminars
5/21/18 Parallel Coordinates: Visual Multidimensional Geometry and its Applications
Timetable: h 12:30, starting lesson | Supervisor: Alfred Inselberg (Tel Aviv University)
Mathematics mini courses 2017-18
5/21/18 Numerical and Monte Carlo Methods for SDEs with Applications to Fianance
Timetable: Starting Date | Supervisor: Matthew Davison (University of Western Ontario, Canada)
Mathematics mini courses 2017-18
5/23/18 Relightable Images
Timetable: h 11:00, Aula I | Supervisor: Federico Ponchio (ISTI/CNR Pisa)
Seminari del Dipartimento di Informatica
5/24/18 Digital Geometry Processing: Algorithms for Representing, Analyzing and Comparing 3D shapes
Timetable: h 08:30, first lecture room M | Supervisor: Maks Ovsjanikov (Ecole Polytechnique, Paris)
Mathematics mini courses 2017-18
5/28/18 Minicourse: Modern Regularization Methods for Inverse Problems
Timetable: h 10:30 | Supervisor: Martin Benning (University of Cambridge)
Mathematics mini courses 2017-18
5/28/18 Numerical Methods for Energy Markets
Timetable: Starting Date | Supervisor: A. F. Ware (University of Calgary, Canada)
Mathematics mini courses 2017-18
5/30/18 Reachability analysis for nonlinear hybrid systems
Timetable: h 15:30 | Supervisor: Luca Geretti (University of Verona)
Mathematics mini courses 2017-18
Tot 7 Seminars