User, design and interaction

Relatore:  Charlotte Magnusson - Department of Design Sciences, Lund University
  giovedì 24 maggio 2007 alle ore 10.00

 I will give an overview of the design methodology we use, and
also give a short presentation of our current research projects. I will
focus particularly on the work we have done in three European research
projects (ENACTIVE, ENABLED & MICOLE). In these projects we have
investigated how non-visual interaction relying on sound and haptics can
provide the user with an overview, how navigation can be supported and how
the user interacts with dynamic systems such as the PebbleBox. I will also
talk a little about the iFields project, which aims at creating new,
interactive communication media and new forms for augmentative and
alternative communication that enable interaction on equal terms between
children with severe disabilities and their families, an interaction that
over time will strengthen and enrich their relationship. The interactive
media developed use tangible interfaces and are intended to change
communication and dominance patterns to allow the disable child to
interact in new ways with other members of the family.

Ca' Vignal 3 - Piramide, Piano 0, Sala Verde

Federico Fontana

Data pubblicazione
11 maggio 2007

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