Approximation in metric spaces and fractals

 Nowadays computers are widely used to simulate real-life
processes and their mathematical models. These simulations require to
draw on the screen of a computer a finite set of points describing the
(often) continuous objects at a given precision. In this sense we need
to approximate points in metric spaces. We first review the complexity
approach to approximation theory for functional spaces which dates back
to Kolmogorov's work in the 50s-60s, then show the application of this
approach to fractal sets.

Claudio Bonanno - Dipartimento di Matematica Applicata, Università di Pisa

Data e ora
martedì 22 maggio 2007 alle ore 14.30

Ca' Vignal 3 - Piramide, Piano 0, Sala Verde

Vincenzo Manca

Data pubblicazione
4 maggio 2007


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