[ANNULLATO] Basic and advanced tools in game theory [3 ECTS, MAT/05] - second part (advanced tools)

Speaker:  Sylvain Sorin - Sorbonne Université Paris
  Tuesday, March 31, 2020 31/3 - 10/4/2020

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This mini-course will give an introduction to trategic games, starting with main concepts such as value and equilibria.

Then several proofs of the minmax Theorem based on dynamical processes will be provided: unilateral procedure in discrete time, continuous time and ODE, fictitious play in discrete and continuous time, replicator dynamics.  
The relation with approachability theory will be presented.

The proof of existence  for equilibria and links between equilibria and variational inequalities will be discussed.
Supermodular, potential and dissipative games will be treated as well as correlated equilibria, leading to elementary existence proofs.
If time permits, a short presentation of “stochastic approximation tools” will be done.

Programme Director
Giandomenico Orlandi

Publication date
January 24, 2020