Some recent results in the study of fractional mean curvature flow

Speaker:  Eleonora Cinti - Università di Bologna
  Thursday, November 7, 2019 at 3:30 PM Sala Riunioni II Piano - Ca' Vignal 2
We study a geometric flow driven by the fractional mean curvature (FMC). The notion of fractional mean curvature arises naturally when performing the first variation of the fractional perimeter functional.  Our results concern, on one side, the formation of neckpinch singularities for the standard FMC flow and, on the other side, some a priori estimates and convergence to a sphere for the volume preserving case.  This is a joint work with C. Sinestrari and E. Valdinoci.

Contact Person: 
Virginia Agostiniani

Programme Director

Publication date
November 3, 2019