Essentials of reaction-diffusion equations in Mathematical Biology [2ECTS, MAT/07]

Speaker:  Prof. Tommaso Lorenzi - St Andrews (UK)
  Tuesday, January 7, 2020 starting date 07/01
Title: Essentials of reaction-diffusion equations in Mathematical Biology
Lecturer: Tommaso Lorenzi (St. Andrews)
dates: 7/1-10/1/2020 


This course will provide a gentle introduction to reaction-diffusion equations in mathematical biology. The course will be organised into five related parts as follows:


1) Conservation equations 

2) Linear reaction-diffusion equations 

3) Nonlinear reaction-diffusion equations  

4) Systems of nonlinear reaction-diffusion equations

5) Nonlocal reaction-diffusion equations 


Recommended Books

J.D. Murray, Mathematical Biology I: An Introduction, Springer, 3rd ed. 2003

J.D. Murray, Mathematical Biology II: Spatial Models and Biomedical Applications, Springer, 3rd ed. 2003

B. Perthame, Transport Equations in Biology, Birkh auser, 2007

B. Perthame, Parabolic Equations in Biology -- Growth, Reaction, Movement and Diffusion, Springer, 2015

Contact person: Giandomenico Orlandi

Programme Director
Giandomenico Orlandi

Publication date
October 2, 2019