Taming Information Overload

Taming Information Overload
Relatore:  Elisa Quintarelli - Politecnico di Milano
  martedì 27 marzo 2018 alle ore 11.00 - Sala verde
In the field of Big Data and Analytics my research has been devoted to reducing the data overload and making sense of data.
In this talk I will discuss first personalization by knowledge filtering: the adaptation in this case consists of providing the user only with the portion of knowledge that is relevant for the situation that s/he is experiencing, thus favoring easier access to what the user really needs.
Then, I will show a new vision about database exploration, that is, designing systems able to assist also inexperienced or casual users - the so-called data enthusiasts - who need the support of a sophisticated system that guides them in the inspection of large datasets, starting from simple input queries and refining them.

Contact person: Franco Fummi


Data pubblicazione
28 febbraio 2018

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