An Introduction to Optimal Portfolio Models from Markowitz to Robust Estimation.

An Introduction to Optimal Portfolio Models from Markowitz to Robust Estimation.
Speaker:  Prof. Stefano Benati - Università di Trento
  Monday, May 14, 2018 at 2:30 PM - to be fixed with the interested students
Title: An Introduction to Optimal Portfolio Models from Markowitz to Robust Estimation.

Organization: the course will consists in two lectures of three hours
each. The lectures will be delivered according to the following

Monday 14 May 14:30-17:15 Auletta Atrio CV1.
Tuesday 15 May 14:30-17:30 meeting room at second floor.

Abstract: The short course covers the basic tools to model and solve an optimal portfolio problems, that is, the problem of selecting the best stocks of a financial market. Special emphasis is posed on the links between the three operational problems: model formulation, parameters estimation, computational solution. 


Lesson 1 (Part 1): The Roots of Optimal Portfolio Models.

The Markowitz Optimal Portfolio Problem. Mathematical properties, parameters estimation, experimental results.
The Von Neumann-Morgenstern Utility Theory. Risk adverse and risk taker investor’s behavior. Optimal portfolios of utility maximizer investors. 

Lesson 1 (Part 2): Portfolio models with non-invertible covariance matrices. 

The difficulty of estimating the covariance matrix and three solutions: The Mean/Absolute-Deviation portfolio model, the Markowitz model with cardinality constraints, Shrinkage estimators of the Covariance matrix.

Lesson 2: Portfolio models with robust estimators.

Variance estimators that are robust. The Optimal Median portfolio model. The Median/Risk portfolio models, integer linear programming formulation, experimental results.
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