Arc Routing (Research & Modelling Seminar)

Relatore:  E. Frison, L. Zanini
  giovedì 15 febbraio 2018 alle ore 14.00
Abstract: In this project we present the linear programming problems, their classification and how to formulate them.
We briefly see the conditions in order to ensure the existence of a solution;
then we present the integer linear programming problem and the idea of the symplex algorithm to solve it.
We finally introduce the graph theory in order to face the arc routing problems.
So we see the direct, undirect and mixed formulations of these problems, such as the Chinese Postman Problem and the Rural Postman Problem.

Speakers: Elena Frison and Laura Zanini (M.Sc students in Mathematics)
AULA H, ore 14:00

This talk is organized within the frameork of the Research & Modelling Seminar course.


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14 febbraio 2018

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