Mathemmatical models of evolutionary and spatial dynamics of cancer - second part

Relatore:  Tommaso Lorenzi - St Andrews (Scotland UK)
  lunedì 12 febbraio 2018 alle ore 11.00 - starting date. Dept. Math Univ. Trento
The second part of this mini-course on models for tutor growth and evolution
will take place in Trento, Department of
mathematics. Lectures will be recorded and available to students of Verona.
Here is a synthetic program.
Lecture 1. Integro-differential equation(IDE)-based models of phenotypic selection (Part 1) 
Lecture 2. IDE models of phenotypic selection (Part 2) 
Lecture 3. PDE models of phenotypic evolution (Part 1)
Lecture 4. PDE models of phenotypic evolution (Part 2)
Lecture 5. Applications in cancer research 

For people interested in following the course "live", here is the schedule
mon 12/2 11.00-13.00
tue 13/2 9.00-11.00
wed 14/2 9.00-11.00
thu 15/2  14.00-16.00
fri 16/2  9.00-11.00

Giandomenico Orlandi

Data pubblicazione
7 febbraio 2018