Mathematical Models of Evolutionary and Spatial Dynamics of Cancer

Relatore:  Tommaso Lorenzi - St. Andrews University (Scotland)
  lunedì 11 dicembre 2017 alle ore 11.30 - aula M - starting lesson
Mathematical Models of Evolutionary and Spatial Dynamics of Cancer
Tommaso Lorenzi, University of St Andrews
It has become increasingly recognised that deterministic mathematical models – formulated in terms of ordinary differential equations or partial differential equations – and corresponding stochastic individual-based models can provide additional tools in the fight against cancer. For instance, these models can be used as virtual laboratories to complement experimental research by enabling extrapolation beyond scenarios which can be investigated through biological and clinical experiments. For this reason, many biologists and clinicians are now looking for a mathematical approach to complement their research. From a mathematical point of view, such models pose a series of analytical and numerical challenges which make them interesting mathematical objects per se. This minicourse will provide a gentle introduction to mathematical models of evolutionary and spatial dynamics of cancer, and their main qualitative properties.
Main references
 B. Perthame, Parabolic Equations in Biology, Springer, Berlin, 2015 
B. Perthame, Some Mathematical Models of Tumor Growth, notes available online, 2016

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22 novembre 2017