An hands-on tutorial on LP and LPI modeling (Minicorso introduttivo alla modellazione in PL e PLI)

Relatore:  Romeo Rizzi and Alice Raffaele
  lunedì 20 novembre 2017 alle ore 14.30 - Minicorso che parte col 20 novembre
The mini-course "An hands-on tutorial on LP and LPI modeling" is our first proposal within the seminar course of Math Decisions. It will be followed by more advanced courses and by meetings where firm representatives will expose problems in need for modeling and solutions.
First week: 20-24 Novembrer. Second week: 11-15 December.

If the interested students enroll writing a mail to we can better organize, keep contacts, and, in particular, let you have beforehand the slides and the instructions for installing the softwares we will be playing with.
Note: if you have one you better come with your own laptop.

+Mon 14.30-15.30,  Lab. Gamma (booked 14:00-16:30)
+Tue 13.30-15.30 room H, (booked 13:30-15:30) 
+Wen 14.30-15.30 room G, (booked 14:00-15:30)
+Thu 11.30-13.30 Lab. Ciberfisico (booked 11:30-13:30)
+Fri 9.30-13.30 Lab. Ciberfisico (booked 09:30-13:30)

More info (targets, program, timetable, links, materials) in the file in attachment or at the webpage of the course:
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Romeo Rizzi

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4 novembre 2017