SAT-Based Logic Synthesis

SAT-Based Logic Synthesis
Relatore:  Alan Mishchenko - University of California Berkeley
  lunedì 5 giugno 2017 alle ore 17.30 Sala Riunione II piano
This presentation focuses on the use of Boolean satisfiability as a computation engine in solving typical problems arising in logic synthesis. In particular, a new SAT-based algorithm is presented to compute canonical irredundant sums-of-products (ISOPs) similar to Minato’s well-known BDD/ZDD-based ISOP computation. In addition, a SAT-based formulation of Boolean resubstitution and Engineering Change Order (ECO) is presented. A practical advice is given on the efficient use of SAT solvers in a variety of other practical applications. Contact person: Tiziano Villa


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5 giugno 2017

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